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About Helping Hands of America


The Helping Hands of America Foundation is a private corporation that solicits tangible goods (autos, trucks, boats, etc.) for donation with portions of all proceeds directly helping our associated charities.

Our Staff


We at Helping Hands of America are very proud of the work we do. We have raised over $4 million for the Association of Blind Citizens, the Meals on Wheels program and Sacred Hearts Missions. With major cuts in Federal funding, these charities depend on you. All of our charities are selected on the basis of their contributions to their local communities as well as their national and international efforts. Donate your vehicle or other valuables and help these charities continue the work so many people depend on.

Another milestone for Helping Hands



Today we reached the 80,000 mark for donated vehicles. A great day for the Association of Blind Citizens, Congregation of the Sacred Hearts & Meals on Wheels. Thank you to all our donors who made this possible and a huge shout out to our dedicated employees who handle the logistics of vehicle donations every day! Great job everyone, you ROCK!!!!


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