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From Donating your Car to Tax Deductions in New Hampshire


Auto Donations from the generous folks of New Hampshire have been a large part of our donation process for years. In turn, we've helped turn their car donations into contributions to local charities which need the help and offer help to those in greatest need. So for all your contributions, we thank you and look forward to helping you help others for years to come.


All too often, when we get generous car donations from folks in NH, those donating the vehicle don't realize that their car, truck or SUV is worth more as a tax deduction than if they were to simply sell or trade the car. Not only do we make the donation process simple, easy and convenient, we ensure that things are done right and those who choose to contribute to us, get the most value for their donation. Even if you're looking for tax deductions from for junk car removal and salvage, we can help.


In these challenging times, local charities are in need of your help. By donating your car to Helping Hands you'll be helping a local charity and you can rest assured your donations will go to some of the most reputable charity organizations in New England.


We make the entire process as easy as possible. Our goal is to make your charity contribution convenient and seamless.

Please feel free to call us now to donate your car, truck or SUV. We'll take care of most of the work, you simply donate your car.


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