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From Donating your Car to Tax Deductions in Rhode Island


We've received many charitable car donations and junk car removal and salvage requests from the Rhode Island area. The generous people of Providence RI as well as others from Woonsocket, Cranston, South County and other cities and towns from the Rhode Island area have donated to us for years and helped us donate to charities across New England and right here in the ocean state!


Often times people seeking to donate a Car to charity, don't realize that they can get more for their car as a tax deduction if they donate it to us than selling the car, truck or SUV. We've been in the car business for decades and have helped some of the most reputable charities in New England by generating revenue via Car Donations, many of them from the Rhode Island area. The generous people of Rhode Island have helped and benefitted from getting a great tax deduction. Our contributors are also left with the knowledge that their donation has helped others in need.


At Helping Hands of America we're proud of our accomplishments. From Rhode Island to Maine people contribute by donating their Car, Truck or SUV to charity and we help them get the most from their donation. There are some great local charity organizations in New England and in these difficult times they could use your help and we're here to make your charitable donations as easy as possible.


Please feel free to call us now to donate your car, truck or SUV. We'll take care of most of the work, you simply donate your car.


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