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What and How to Donate (RV Donations)


RV's Receive a valuable tax deduction.


You will avoid the costs, time and responsibility (i.e. Lemon Law as it applies to RVs) of trying to sell your RV for yourself. Save yourself the cost of placing ads in RV magazines or newspapers classifieds under RV, waiting possibly months to sell your RV, if at all, publishing your home phone number and address to thousands of people.


Avoid the hassle of having RV buyers come to your home or office to view your RV.


When you want to donate your RV through Helping Hands of America, all your personal information (i.e. telephone number, address etc...)is held in strict confidence and is the sole property of the charity. Helping Hands of America will not sell your personal information acquired from the donation and/or donation inquiry, to third parties, i.e. mailing lists, telemarketers etc...


Most RV'S donated to Helping Hands of America, are sold retail, not wholesale or dealer only RV auctions, which usually increases the sale price of your RV. This will impact your tax deduction from the donation of your RV.


Helping Hands of America personnel have been in the business over 20 years and know how to get the most money for your donation. The more we sell your RV for, the more the charity receives and the bigger your tax deduction from the donation of your RV.


Your donation is 100% tax deductible.


Give us a call at 888-881-9090 and speak to one of our donation representatives. You will have all the information you need in moments. Qualifying RV's will be picked up promptly at no cost to you after contacting Helping Hands of America.


You will get a receipt from your choice of our charities affiliated with Helping Hands of America immediately upon the pick up of your RV.


You will receive all the proper documents if you choose to use your donation as a tax deduction. If you do plan to use your donation as a tax deduction, you may want to refer to your local and federal tax regulations.


Helping Hands of America are not telemarketers and Helping Hands of America does not solicit money.


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